How to Find Ideas and Create Youtube Videos for Beginners

How to Find Ideas and Create Youtube Videos for Beginners. ~ Before you start creating a video on your Youtube Channel, it's a good idea to take a look at the following steps:
How to Find Ideas and Create Youtube Videos for Beginners

1. Decide what your channel is about.

why do we have to decide on our YouTube channel topic first?

To start your channel, the first thing you need to do is decide what your channel is about. You may already know exactly what you want to talk about on your channel, or you may feel a little conflicted because you have several different ideas. If you're in that position, here are three key things you need to keep in mind:

Select a topic to focus on.
If you're new to making videos, it's okay if you want to start making videos about anything you feel like getting your feet wet and starting your channel. Don't feel you have to narrow it down right at the beginning –but your channel probably won't start growing until you choose one main topic to focus on.

Don't stress it too much.
It's okay if you choose a topic and then change your mind. That's because, when you first start a channel, no one will watch your video in the first place. (Call it tough love... but that's the truth.)

At first, you'll only learn how to create a video, and once you start talking about a topic, you may find that it's not a topic you want to keep in the long run. Maybe you don't have much to talk about or there's something else you want to talk about.

So, don't feel too pressured when choosing a topic, just choose something you're interested in and follow so you can start your channel.

Things are more popular this year than they were in the past.
If you want your channel to be as successful as possible, you'll need to choose something that others are also interested in. Now, of course, you don't have to do this – you can choose to talk about whatever you want.. But, the popularity of a topic today is something to keep in mind, especially if you're trying to decide amongst some of the different ideas you're interested in.

Bonus: To find out what's popular right now, you can use a free tool called Google Trends to search for the various topics you want to talk about on your channel to see if they're gaining or declining in popularity. You don't have to choose something very popular, but you want to choose something that becomes more popular, not dead.

2. Brainstorm video ideas.

Once you've decided what your channel will be about, you can move on to the second step and exchange ideas about the video. It's something I've always suggest that people do it before they start the channel for two main reasons:

This will make starting your channel easier because you need to have a video idea to start creating videos. This can really explain whether you chose the right topic for your channel or not.

In particular, I advise you to exchange ideas about 100 video ideas. Now, I know it may seem a lot, but listen to me: if you can't think of hundreds of video ideas on topics you're considering starting a channel, it could be a sign that you might need to choose a different topic – something you want to talk about more about.

Presenting these 100 video ideas will give you high confidence that you won't run out of words and will also help you find the best video ideas as you'll choose from for so long. List!

3. Research video ideas.

The third step of the process of starting your channel is research! You need to look for video ideas you're considering creating on your new channel and find out which ones others are most interested in. This will take you one step further just by using Google Trends. You'll do two types of research to find out if this particular video idea will be popular – keyword research and competitor research.

Keyword research
Keyword research finds how many people search for a specific keyword each month. You're trying to find how many hundreds or thousands of people are searching for specific words related to your video idea.

Definition: An idea or topic that explains your content.

For example, if I'm thinking about making a video about how I edit my YouTube video, then I might look for the keyword "video editing tutorial" to find out how many thousands of people search for it on Google or YouTube each month. Then I can compare that number with other videos that I'm considering filming to find out which one is the most popular idea. There are many different free tools you can use to do this type of research, including Google's AdWord Keyword Planner tool, Keywords Anywhere.

Competitor research
This technique involves looking at the videos you and your competitors are making to see which ones are performing well and how well your ideas have performed on their channels. To do so, you need:

Identify your competitors.
All of which means you need to find some other channel. A channel that's similar to the channel you want to create and creates a video similar to the video you want to create. Once you've identified these competitors, you can view the videos on their channel and then sort them by "most popular" to see which videos worked out very well for them. This will give you ideas for videos you might want to create on your channel...

Browse your video ideas.
Search for your video on YouTube and see how many views the video had when others created it. The more views they have, the better they perform.

4. Name your YouTube channel.

How do I decide on the name of our youtube channel?

For this step, you can use your own name or use another name related to the topic of the channel to be focused on. When you try to make this decision, I suggest that you think about what the channel really is about. You may automatically think that your channel is about your topic, but there are a lot of channels out there that are actually driven by personalities that are really about the creators who make the videos and the creators who take those topics.

* Think about whether your channel is about the topic and you're just the person who conveyed the information, or whether the channel is really about you, and your interest in this topic.

If the channel is really about you, you might want to use your own name, and if it's really about that topic, you might want to choose a name that's related to that topic. Now, this is not a difficult and fast rule – if you really want to use your own name, of course you can do it. Or if you feel uncomfortable with it for some reason, you are welcome to use any other name you want.

Finally, make sure the type of name you choose matches the style of your video. For example, if you want your videos to be really good, professional, and corporate, then you don't want to choose a silly or random name that doesn't have the same feeling. But on the other hand, if your videos are more casual, casual, or funny, then you don't want to choose a name for your channel that's more corporate or sounds too official.

5. Youtube equipment for beginners

What tools do you need to start a YouTube channel

Good equipment in creating a new YouTube channel is very important, it's our initial capital to start creating a YouTube channel. The more we have the tools that can support us in the creation of youtube videos, the more interesting the quality of our videos or youtube video content and get maximum results. but all of that has to be combined with a good idea as well. The tool is good but our idea to make a video is not interesting it will be useless too.
Here I recommend you some necessary equipment if you want to become a youtuber. These tools include:
for hardware we need youtube video equipment and gear consisting of video cameras for movies, camera lenses and focal lengths, audio gear and recording, lighting equipment. For more details you can read it in the post about hardware recommendations for making youtube videos
As for the software we need video editing and video editing software. for more details you can read in the post about software recommendations to make youtube videos

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Thus the article on how we found the idea to create a YouTube channel and make Youtube videos for beginners, hopefully it will be useful